Alec Dankworth Trio Reviews

‘A good range of styles at work illustrating Dankworth’s assurance as the trio’s spine and his imaginative composing talent’
– Rob Adams, Glasgow Herald 11/03

‘Arguelles consistently finds devious routes ….. Robson’s effortless double-time demonstrating silky fluency …. Dankworth’s elegant stability, big sound, sure beat, and thoughtful spontaneity’
– John Fordham, Guardian 7/03

‘A perfect gem of chamber jazz, more delicate and graceful than we have a right to expect!’
– Mike Butler, Jazz UK 8/03

Other reviews

‘Alec Dankworth’s double-bass danced through an elegant solo on the jazz-goes-baroque themes in Brandenburg Gate Revisited’
– Clive Davis, Times, 23 Dec ’00

‘Dankworth eschews bombastic continual runs favoured by lesser bassists, giving his solos body and melody’
– Alan Edwards, Deseret News

‘Alec Dankworth, the paragon of bass uprightness’
– Don Paterson, Observer 10 Dec ’95

‘Dankworth brings quite the warmest and intuitively phrased touch to his melodic solos’
– Steve Henwood, Venue 3 Feb ’95

‘Alec Dankworth provided levitational bass playing at the heart of the rhythm-section’
– Kenny Mathieson, Scotsman, 9 June ’95

‘soloing with long arabesque lines that resonated with emotion that Ibrahims’ music always brings brimming up’
– Phil Johnson, Independant, 10 Feb ’94

‘Alec Dankworth, full toned and firm, a veritable rock!’
– Rob Adams, Stage+TV, 23 Apr ’92